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I come from a medical background. My parents wanted me to become a doctor so bad, but I just didn't feel like this was a path I was meant to take. Thought I am a physical therapist, I have long since lost touch with this part of my life.

So what makes me uniquely qualified to stand before you today to discuss skin problems and offer you tips and guidance? Unfortunately, I am someone with a vast personal experience when it comes to skin problems.

I've had them through my teen years and in my early 20's. I have an oily skin and was prone to acne breakouts for as long as I can remember. At one point it got so bad I pulled out my razor and just ran it across my face... In hindsight, this was about the stupidest move I could do but sometimes the frustration takes over and you just lose it man..

Thank god these days are over and, after trying out a lot of different skin care products.

Igor - Picture of me

I draw my expertise from personal experience, medical background, and daily research spanning 15 years back. You are in good hands!

If you want to contact me personally, instead of just commenting down below, I'd advise you to use our "Contact" page, or email me directly at admin(at)makeovermomma . com