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Best Facial Mask For Men – 6 Top Picks For Any Skin Type In 2019

Looking for the best facial mask for men is arguably not the manliest thing you will do today. Some of you might even do it in secret because you fear your friends will judge you or give you a hard time.

Well, we are here to tell you that trying to get healthier, better looking and more attractive skin is not something to be ashamed of. We welcome it, and this is the main reason we are here today – to help you pick the best face mask you can buy.

Unfortunately, most men don’t even consider buying a facial mask since they think its something only women use. But this can’t be further from the truth since a face mask offers plenty of benefits for your skin.

best facial masks for men

Not only that, it will also boost the effectiveness of other skincare products you are currently using – face scrubs, cleansers, toners, and moisturizers.

In the next few paragraphs we will be talking more about face masks, the benefits, proper ways of using them, and some things to watch for. But if you want to skip over to the reviews themselves, you can just click the link the link in the Table Of Content above titled “Reviews”.

The Benefits Of Using A Face Mask For Men

Should you be using a face mask even though you are a man? Of course, you should! Besides the benefits themselves, it will give you that sense of pampering yourself you only get in a professional skin care salons.

Finding the perfect facial mask for men will help you fight excess oils, unclog your pores, rid you of dirt and grime, and prevent future breakouts and skin irritations. On top of that, it will boost your skin’s circulation and allow your facial skin also to heal itself.

Here is a full list of skin care benefits of using a face mask:

Addressing Multiple Skin Problems At Once

As we’ve already mentioned before, the facial mask will address a whole range of problems that might be affecting your facial skin. It will scrub off the impurities, grime, and dirt, remove excess oils, boost circulation, and allow other skin care products to do their job better.

Deep Cleansing And Unclogging Pores

Of course, cleansing your skin is something you should do on a daily basis, but using a mask will give you a whole new level of cleansing.

It will draw out the impurities “hiding” underneath the surface and give you a profound sense of cleansing you will adore.

Removing these impurities and the dead skin cells build-up will unclog the pores and allow your skin to “breathe.”

Clogged pores allow bacteria to thrive and cause further acne breakouts, so keeping them clean in a weekly skincare routine will ensure a healthy, glowing skin in the upcoming years.

Firming The Skin And Removing Fine Lines

The best facial mask will boost your collagen production, fight free radical damage and make your skin feel tighter and look younger.

By making your skin tighter, it will fight off those early signs of skin aging – fine lines and tiny wrinkles.

Moisturizing Dry Skin

In addition to giving you a deep sense of cleansing, men’s facial mask will fight skin dryness by supplying long-lasting hydration.

The ingredients will penetrate deep into the skin, soften it and increase its elasticity, making it appear plump and youthful.

Choosing A Face Mask Based On Your Skin Type

  • Oily
  • Picking the best facial mask for men will largely depend on your skin type. Most cosmetic products are always geared towards one of the following skin types:

    • Normal
    • Oily
    • Dry and Sensitive or
  • Combination skin
  • Normal Skin

    This skin type is, obviously, the best one to have since it’s not too dry nor too oily, it is just right! Normal skin presents itself with:

    • Fewer imprefections
    • Barely visible pores
    • No major sensitivity and irritation
    • A radiant complexion

    Oily Skin

    Oily skin is one of the worst-looking ones since it is marked by large pores, uneven skin complexion and a lot of blackheads. This skin type is characterized by:

    • The presence of large pores
    • Excessive oiliness even after your cleaning routine
    • Frequent skin breakouts
    • The appearance of blackheads in large numbers

    Dry, Sensitive Skin

    Dry skin is hard to take care off since it can easily crack, get irritated or inflamed. Telltale signs of dry skin are:

    • Pores that are almost invisible
    • Reduced elasticity (tightness)
    • Red patches
    • Rough complexion
    • Itching and burning sensation

    Another thing to note about dry, sensitive skin is that it is easily irritated. Things such as hormonal changes, UV rays and hot showers and easily damage it.

    Combination Skin

    Combination skin is one of the most common types where your skin has patches of dry, sensitive skin and areas that are overly oily, such as the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin).

    The skin of the T-zone will have deep, clogged pores, and a shiny complexion while the skin of the rest of your face will usually be flaky and dry. Your fine lines and wrinkles might also be more prominent than in those individuals with an overall oily skin.

    Can One Product Make Such Big Of A Difference?

    Most men often feel that introducing something as simple as a facial mask won’t do much for their skin, but they can’t be further from the truth. A good mask has a potential of doing a lot more than your everyday skincare product, just give it a chance.

    Before applying it, though, make sure you’ve cleaned your face thoroughly since this will boost its effectiveness.

    And after you’ve removed it, make sure you apply a moisturizer. A moisturizer will help your skin recover quicker, hydrate it and improve its overall complexion.

    How Often Should You Apply It?

    If you’ve been reading carefully so far, you might be tempted to use a facial mask on a daily basis, but you really shouldn’t. Applying it will be a bit stressful to your skin, so it is best if you did it between one and three times per week.

    For those of you with oily skin (myself included), you are safe to use it up to three times per day. If you’ve got dry, sensitive skin, however, you should only use it once a week.

    How To Apply A Face Mask?

    Patience is the key here; you can’t just slap the mask on, wait for a few minutes and rinse it off. You need a bit of planning as well.

    Here are a few steps to help you apply your face mask properly:

    • Timing – if you are like most guys, you probably think applying your mask right before you take a bath would be ideal because you can just rinse it off when you get under the shower. What we would advise you is to apply it right after you’ve showered because the hot water will open up your pores and allow the mask to act more efficiently.
    • Tools – there is, of course, nothing wrong with applying it using your fingers; but you want to stay clean and keep your hands clean, you can use a brush.
    • Washing – using lukewarm water will be ideal since cold water won’t break down the product completely so it will be harder to remove it; using water that is too hot, on the other hand, may irritate your face.
    • Moisturizing – though a facial mask for men will hydrate your skin, you should always end your skincare routine with a good moisturizer.

    Prepping Your Skin For The Face Mask – CRUCIAL Steps

    Everyone knows that the same product might work differently for different people. We say that it mostly depends on the skin of the individual…


    What if this is not the case?

    What if one individual put more effort into preparing his skin, thus allowing the product to work better and get better results?

    This happens more often than you think and this is the main reason why some people say that a particular product works for them while others complain that it doesn’t.

    So, do YOU want to make the face masks we recommend work for YOUR skin?



    We are going to share two prepping tips that, if incorporated into your routine, will increase the effectiveness of men’s facial masks (and other skincare products), so you can have the results you deserve!

    Tip #1 – Microdermabrasion

    Though it has an intimidating name, microdermabrasion is a non-invasive (even pleasant) procedure aimed at the outermost layer of the skin – the dead skin cells.

    It removes the top layer of dead skin cells, opens up your pores and encourages the production of new, healthy skin.

    But that’s not all!

    It will help your skin absorb other skincare products.

    How To?
    The good news is you can do microdermabrasion at home, quickly and cheaply.

    What you need to get is an exfoliating brush. There are a TON of these brushes available on Amazon, all you need to do is do a quick search and buy the one you like.

    *** Our Recommendation ***

    PIXNOR Waterproof Face Brush

    Pixnor face brush is one of the best ones out there, and it costs just under $20.

    The brush is waterproof and includes 7 different cleansing heads for a full range of cleansing – from mild face massage to vigorous deep exfoliation.

    Here is a quick rundown of all its features:

    As you can see from the image above, we will be most interested in soft brushes, as we want to gently exfoliate those dead skin cells to allow face mask to do its job better.

    Tip #2 – Face Steaming

    Though female beauty bloggers talk about this routinely, it seems as though men are not particularly interested in face steaming.

    I honestly don’t know why because it’s AWESOME!

    The two main benefits of face steaming are:

    • 1
      Loosening the dirt that is clogging skin pores
    • 2
      Heat induced sweating that is flushing the dirt out of your pores

    If your pores are closed before the skincare treatment, not even the best face mask for men will help you remove the dirt from them!

    When it comes to face steaming, you have two options:

    • 1
      A cooking pot
    • 2
      Facial steamer product

    Steaming your face with a cooking pot is easy! Here are the steps you can follow:

    • 1
      Bring a pot of water to boil
    • 2
      Place your head above the pot and cover with a towel
    • 3
      Hold the position for 10-15 minutes

    Why I Don’t Like It!

    Though this method of steaming your face is simple and free, I don’t like it.


    For one, it’s too hot. There is no good way to regulate the intensity of the heat because moving your head away from the pot will largely reduce the effectiveness of the vapor.

    Secondly, it’s hard to breathe!

    Breathing, while covered with a towel above a pot full of boiling water will be next to impossible. The vapor will burn your nostrils!

    I only tried it 2 times, and it was pure torture. I can imagine this being impossible for those of you suffering from asthma.

    Which is why I recommend buying a face steamer device!

    They are cheap, easy to come by and, most importantly, practical.

    There are a ton of different face steamer options on Amazon, feel free to take a look by clicking this link – The Best Face Steamers on

    Things To Look Out For When Using A Face Mask

    There are a few key points here you should consider when using a men’s facial mask:

    • Avoid sensitive areas – keep in mind that the skin around the eyes is especially sensitive, regardless of your skin type. For this reason, you should avoid these areas while you are applying your product as it may lead to irritation and harm the skin under or around your eyes.
    • Allow your skin to recover – I but you didn’t think your schedule will have anything to do with your skincare routine but I can assure you that it does! After you’ve completed your regimen, you need to allow your skin to recover, meaning you shouldn’t just rush outside and expose it to the elements. You need to relax, give your skin some time to settle and then carry on with your day.
    • Chosing the wrong product for your skin type – this point is fairly self-explanatory, you need first to determine your skin type and then pick a product that is appropriate. So, if you are suffering from flaky, sensitive skin make sure you pick the mask that is specially formulated for dry skin!

    Product Reviews – Best Facial Mask For Men For 2019

    Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

    dead sea mud mask jar

    Though this product is advertised as “one size fits all,” we found that it works best for oily and combination skin! Keep this in mind when buying it since users with dry, sensitive skin noted this mask dried their skin a bit more.

    This is a 100% natural face mask for men and women, composed of dead sea minerals and mud. It’s specially formulated with grains to clean clogged pores, scrub off dead skin cells, remove excess oils and aid in the natural skin regeneration process.

    So why the dead sea mud, what is so special about it? Well, here are just a few of its benefits:

    • It detoxifies the skin and draws out the impurities
    • Increases the blood flow and boosts circulation
    • It is effective for treating various skin conditions
    • It improves the looks and overall health of your skin

    This mask also features the following ingredients: sunflower oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, aloe vera juice and much more to help keep your skin clean and healthy!

    Beau Brummell For Men

    This is one of our favorite face masks since it features natural ingredients, it is formulated uniquely for men, and it is suitable for all skin types (especially for sensitive skin). So what makes this mask different?

    The primary reason is it is packed full of natural activated charcoal. But what is so great about activated charcoal? First of all, it is not metabolized or absorbed by the body, making it the perfect, safe ingredient for facial masks for men and women.

    Activated charcoal is also proven to absorb thousands of times its mass in harmful substances. It will help you clear your face of bacteria, dirt, and grime, and flush out your pores!

    Another excellent ingredient this particular face mask features is kaolin clay. Kaolin clay is a naturally occurring substance in soil, highly regarded for its high contents of minerals, soothing and nourishing effect it has on the skin.

    This is one of the mildest clay there is, and it will do a fantastic job of cleaning your skin, detoxifying it, and even help with various skin conditions.

    In addition to these ingredients, Beau Brummell for men also contains lavender and rosemary oil and high contents of vitamin E.

    Freeman Face Mask For Men – Budget Option*

    We get it that some of you are not willing to spend 20$ or more on a face mask (or any skincare product for that matter), and this is why we’ve decided to cover a cheaper alternative.

    It is important to note that, when it comes to skin products, the price is mostly dictated by the amount of natural (organic) ingredients that it features.

    So why are we telling you this? Well, mostly because we would advise you steer clear of these types of products if you have a dry, sensitive skin that is prone to irritation. If your skin is a bit tougher, you have oily skin for example; you are most likely to use this mask without fear of tenderness or anything going wrong.

    That being said, Freeman mask is an excellent choice for those of you who spend a lot of time outdoors, have a more robust, oily skin. Another great thing about this product is that it is beard friendly, so there is no need to shave prior applying it.

    MenScience Facial Cleansing Mask, Green Tea, and Clay

    MenScience Androceuticals is a Miami, Florida based brand for personal grooming products. It has been around for a while, established in 2004, and since has been featured in many famous men magazines such as GQ, Men’s Health, and won an award for the best face scrub in 2008.

    As you can see, this is a serious company that promises “Professional grade ingredients and 100% free of fragrances, dyes, and irritating ingredients.” This makes it perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin as well as combination and oily.

    The users of this mask claim it gives a broad sense of cleaning, absorbing impurities and unclogging their pores leaving them feeling fresh and providing a clear complexion. Natural ingredients found in this product will help revitalize the skin, make it smooth and soft to touch while giving you a thorough cleaning.

    One of the distinctive features of this particular mask is its high concentration of green matcha tea which will give you a sense of deep hydration, cooling effect, and leave your skin visibly softer, cleaner and smoother to touch.

    Cacao And Chamomile Face Mask

    We have to say that, during our research, we’ve come across 100’s of different facial masks for men and women, but this product caught our eye due to this fascinating mix of cacao and chamomile. In addition to these two ingredients, there are Salicyl acid, lavender, ginseng, and kelp!

    At the same time, this product is free of parabens, artificial fragrances, sulfates and it is made in the US.
    This potent natural mix will is what gives it the ability to help people on both ends of the spectrum – those with overly dry and as well as those with oily skin! Just make sure you don’t use it more than two times per week… in most cases once is enough.

    The way this product acts is threefold:

    • Soothing – it will reduce redness, irritation and give you a more even skin tone.
    • Cleansing – it will rid you of impurities but do it in a gentle fashion without irritating your skin.
    • Antiaging and Anti-blemish – the ingredients in this mask will fight off some early stages of aging as well as prevent future breakouts while reducing the ongoing ones.

    Baxter Of Califonia Clay Mask For Men

    Baxter Of California clay mask for men

    This is another one of those masks designed especially for men. Of course, women can also use it, but its manly scent will give it away!

    Baxter Of California is a men’s grooming company that has been around since 1965! The story goes that the founder, Baxter Finley, couldn’t find any good skincare products for men, so he decided to develop ones on his own!

    The company grew over the years and became the giant in the “men skin care industry” we now know.

    Though this mask is advertised for all skin types, we found it works best for people with oily and normal skin! It will clean and tighten the clogged pores, draw out toxins and impurities and leave you with a smooth, clean skin and improved complexion.

    Extracts of aloe vera and avocado will also hydrate your skin, but it is always a good idea to top it off with a good moisturizer or a toner.

    Our Final Verdict On Men Face Masks

    Definitely, go for it! Once you make the decision and try one of the products we’ve listed above, you will forget all about your insecurities, how you though putting on a mask is not manly enough; you will just enjoy it and reap the benefits!

    Your skin will feel cleaner, tighter, more hydrated and healthier overall!

    Before we say goodbye, we would like to stress out once again that a facial mask should not be a part of your everyday routine! Sure, it will make your skin look and feel good, but using it extensively might dry your skin out, damage it, irritate or cause breakouts.

    It would be best to use it once or twice per week!

    Igor Marcikic

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