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Is Rosewater A Toner And Can You Use It As A Toner?

The thought of applying rosewater to my face seemed a bit… I’m not quite sure how to put it… just wrong. It was labeled in my mind as something you'd put in your laundry to make it smell good, and I did not put much effort into researching it and figuring out what are the benefits of using a rosewater toner.

The fact I’m writing this article stands as a testament to my change of heart. As I got more into skincare and beauty, rosewater caught my interest because of its simplicity (I mean, it’s just some rose petals and some water, right?) and because the product itself is entirely natural.

can you use rosewater as toner

So, in these upcoming paragraphs, I’m going to share with you the results of my investigation.

Is Rosewater A Toner?

Rosewater is a natural toner, perfect for our skin due to its chemical-free properties. It is considered to be the gentlest astringent (a toner with no alcohol content), which will remove dirt and oil off your face as well as tighten your pores. 

What Is Rosewater? Is It A Toner?

As the name suggests, rosewater is a result of steeping rose petals into distilled water. But is making rosewater as easy as that? Well, yes and no.


You could make your own rosewater by boiling the petals in distilled water. Another way to make rosewater toner is to use something called steam distillation. Without going into too much detail, steam distillation is a process which results in creating a more concentrated product. Which is better of the two? There is no one correct answer here, it all comes down to personal preference.

As for rosewater itself, it has been used for centuries as a perfume, due to its sweet scent, in cooking and skincare.

I saw some questions popping up from people asking if you could eat rosewater. In theory, you could, but those that have tried it say it tasted awful. I did not taste it, so I’ll leave that up to you!

Back to its skincare properties…

As I’ve said at the beginning of the article, rosehip is one of the gentlest toners you can use, so it’s perfectly suited for those of you with sensitive skin. This does not mean you shouldn’t use it if you’ve got oily skin. On the contrary, its hydrating properties, combined with that of an astringent, make it the perfect toner for oily skin as it will keep the sebum levels in check while giving your skin deep hydration.

Benefits Of Using Rosewater As A Toner


OK, we’ve settled that dilemma. You can and should use rosewater as a toner. But why?

Here are some of its main benefits:

  • Sebum control – though gentle, rosewater is still an excellent, natural astringent that will help keep your skin’s sebum production in check and remove any excess oil. Being all-natural, it’s perfectly suited for all skin types.
  • Pores tightening – rosewater toner will help keep your pores clean, as well as tightening them.
  • Anti-inflammatory – its anti-inflammatory properties will soothe your skin, reduce redness and irritations caused by such conditions as eczema and rosacea.
  • Antiseptic – rosewater is also an awesome antiseptic, meaning it will help the wounds on your skin heal faster. It helps with cuts, burns, and scars.
  • Anti-aging – its anti-aging properties will help with fine lines and mild wrinkles. Rosewater will keep your skin well moisturized and tone it.


Can I Use Rosewater Daily?

You can absolutely use rosewater daily. It is your choice how and where in your skincare routine you use it. You can even use it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Can I leave rosewater on my face overnight?

Again, yes. Leaving rosewater on your face overnight is perfectly safe and recommended. NOTE: keep an eye on the label – if it says it is certified organic (made from organically grown roses), it is safe. If the product is not organic, it would be best to test it out – either apply it straight to your face and monitor the reaction or apply the product to your forearm.

Should You Wash Rosewater Toner Off Your Face?

It would be best if you did not wash it off. Instead, allow your skin to absorb it and then top it off with a moisturizer. Since rosewater toner does not contain alcohol, it won’t irritate your skin, and there is no need to rinse it off.

Should You Apply Rosewater With Your Hands Or Use A Cotton Pad?

This is a rather interesting debate, and I have to side with those using their “bare hands.” Why? Well, if you are using a cotton pad, chances are cotton will absorb more product than your face. If you, instead, use your fingers (make sure they are clean), more of the product will end up where it should, on your face.

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